Who is Four Acre Clothing Co?

The root of our brand lies in a piece of land our family calls The Four Acres. The Four Acres represents what we interpret it as. It's our beginnings and end. It's our personal growth and reflection. It's where we trail the memories of what is the foundation of many generations. It's Home.
It is our goal to provide clothing that allows each individual the chance to tell their own story and express themselves. Their own Four Acres.
After being a traveling vendor and having pop ups here and there - we decided to bloom where we were planted, and open our first storefront in Bellefontaine, OH in 2019. Three short years later, those roots extended, and we opened another storefront in Troy, Ohio. We continue to travel to vendor shows to this day slingin' t-shirts and chatting with those customers who have become friends. No matter how busy we are, we always take a moment to just be thankful for The Four Acres and how they brought us to each and every one of you.